Program Overview

EarPeace Partner Program

EarPeace helps people improve their live music and nightlife experience. To that end, we are committed to fostering a global partner community who are focused on helping people hear better, feel better, and play longer while building a lucrative business focused on sharing the EarPeace story. We welcome enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneurs who can help EarPeace fulfill our vision and want to build a successful business based on a proven revenue model and an industry-leading brand. EarPeace partners are supported through a dedicated partner marketing and direct sales team who are experts in helping our partners create the ideal engagement model regardless of their EarPeace partner type.

Why Partner with EarPeace?

  • You share our relentless pursuit of helping people improve their live music and nightlife experience.

  • You want to be associated with a leading entertainment and lifestyle brand that compliments your business aspirations.

  • You want to earn strong and consistent margins based on a proven revenue model. 

Partnership Types:

EarPeace offers three categories of partnerships to ensure our global partners are empowered to achieve their business objective and maximize their potential:

  • Resellers – EarPeace Resellers stock product and resell EarPeace to their customers. The program consists of four levels – Referral, Gold, Platinum, and Distributor. These levels are designed to maximize flexibility and margins based on your individual business needs.

  • Affiliates –Affiliate Partners promote EarPeace on their websites, refer potential customers to EarPeace’s website, and are rewarded with a revenue share.

  • Non-Profits - EarPeace is an active supporter of non-profit organizations focused on preventing hearing loss and tinnitus. EarPeace provides product on a ‘cost plus’ model to help you further your philanthropic work.


If you are interested in partnering with EarPeace then we would love to hear from you. Please use the Contact Us link and we will be in touch shortly.