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Ear Plugs for Protection & Concerts


EarPeace will improve your live music or nightlife experience. You'll hear clearly, feel better, and play longer. These are the perfect ear plugs for concerts and nightclubs. EarPeace is comfortable, reusable and stylish. No more ringing ears!

EarPeace are the best ear plugs for any fan who wants high quality sound and great hearing protection. The high fidelity design delivers crisp, clear sound - perfect musician or DJ ear plugs. EarPeace also delivers comparable protection to custom ear plugs at a fraction of the cost. EarPeace are the concert ear plugs.

EarPeace is comfortable and stylish. They are skin toned and very low profile. EarPeace are discreet, invisible ear plugs. The patented tab design allows you to control exactly how they fit in your ear and remove them easily. The sleek, stylish aluminum case is laser etched, anodized aluminum and comes with a caribiner to click onto your keychain. EarPeace fits your lifestyle.

EarPeace is ear protection innovated. Professional quality performance at a fraction of the cost. These ear plugs are valuable. Throw out those foam ear plugs! Don't buy another pair of pricey custom ear plugs! We are so confident that you'll love EarPeace they're 100% guaranteed. If they aren't the best earplugs you've tried, send them back for a full refund.

We did the research and built what you wanted

Before we designed and built EarPeace all we knew is there was a problem. The EarPeace team loved going to shows and dancing. We still go to clubs all over the US. And, we felt like we were going deaf! We had the onset symptoms of tinnitus. SERIOUS PROBLEM.

We ordered every ear plug on the market and nothing fit our lifestyle. Other high fidelity ear plugs stuck out of our ears and were uncomfortable. Foam ear plugs are terrible for live music or concerts. We decided we couldn't be the only people with this problem. So we started talking to people. It was immediately obvious that not only could we develop an awesome product, we could do a lot of good and help a lot of people.

We interviewed nearly 1,000 people in all of the lines we stood in and asked them what makes 'the best concert ear plugs?'. We got a ton of data and crunched it. What you told us is that you wanted to hear clearly, it had to be comfortable, and something discreet would be best. And it had to come in a cool case. Then we designed and built what we think is the perfect concert ear plug. Great protection and sound quality, soft and comfortable (but still strong), and virtually invisible.

We are so confident that EarPeace is the best set of concert ear plugs you've used, they are unconditionally guaranteed. If you don't like them, send them back for a full refund. Whether you are going to a show, heading to dance, a musician, DJ, we believe EarPeace is your best choice when it comes to ear plugs for concerts. And nightclubs, car racing, sports events, movies, rodeos, monster truck rallies, weddings. The list goes on. Pick up a set of EarPeace today.