DJ Ear Plugs

Nightclubs, bars, parties, weddings etc. are loud events. If you are spinning on a regular basis and repeatedly immer­­­­sed in sound levels that leave your ears feeling dull or ringing, you need earplugs.

Loud music can be a problem

Does this scene sound familiar? Someone comes up to you at the decks and shouts a request into your uncovered ear so loudly that it feels like your ear drum was ruptured. Even worse, you probably couldn’t make out what they said because it was so distorted. And the last thing you want them to do is repeat themselves. Now you’re head is spinning and you don’t know which song they want queued. 

How about waking up the following morning and everything just sounds a little flat and dull. The birds chirping don’t quite have the same high notes. Or there is a dull whirring sound that doesn’t go away. Worse there might be real ringing or continuous high pitched sound. These are signs of some amount of permanent hearing damage and / or tinnitus. Your hearing will feel like it recovers - but it never completely comes back. Hearing loss is progressive, hard to detect because it’s gradual, and it’s permanent. 

The environments that DJs work in are dangerous for everyone ears. Yours and your fans. Not only is the music loud, you have a mass of people screaming and shouting at each other. People habitually raise their voices in order to compete with the powerful sound systems blasting away all night, causing audio fatigue and more shouting. In addition, nearly all venues are enclosed to spare the neighbors, so the sound has nowhere to go but bounce back, creating an even higher volume. 

But what can you do? Stuffing foam ear plugs in your ears destroys the sound quality and you can’t make the best decisions about how to mix your music and adjust the volume. It’s also not cool to sport a big orange foamy in your ears. Custom ear plugs are prohibitively expensive and easy to lose. Head sets that claim to cancel the noise and provide feedback are also expensive and still don’t work as well as leaving one ear uncovered while you queque the next track in the other ear.

Our Solution – EarPeace DJ Earplugs

EarPeace turns down the volume without distorting the sound. You’ll hear that person making a request and it won’t feel like your head will explode. The birds chirping in the morning will sound crisp. No more ringing ears after a gig. EarPeace are the perfect DJ earplugs. Why is EarPeace the best protection for DJs? 

  • EarPeace ear plugs are uniquely designed to allow a very small amount of unobstructed sound to enter the ear. You’ll hear clearly, without audio fatigue. You’ll be able to have conversations while spinning and your fans will have no idea that you are wearing ear plugs. 

  • Our earplugs are made of soft silicone which makes them comfortable to use yet still strong and durable. You’ll be able to wear them all night, again and again. 

  • They are easy to insert and are discreet enough to be virtually invisible. They fit under your headset. They are affordable. If you loose them another pair won’t break the bank. 

  • These DJ ear plugs come in a sleek aluminum carrying case which keeps EarPeace safe and clean. The case easily attaches to a keychain, belt loop or purse with a secure carabiner. 

  • If you want to give your special fans a momento and remind them to come back for your next gig, or generate a little extra revenue - give / sell them a custom branded EarPeace with your name on it. Your fans will love you for taking care of their hearing and your name stays on their keychain. 

Pick up a set of EarPeace DJ earplugs or contact us to talk about custom branding the case and packaging for you.